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Order Form

To place order; print this form and fill it out.
Indicate quantity and size of each item in space provided.

    Unit cost with shipping Quantity Line totals
Chart Markers - Sky Atlas Desk/Field   $ 3.50    
Chart Markers - Sky Atlas Deluxe  $ 3.50
Chart Markers - Rigel (Field only)


$ 3.50    
Telrad Overlays (sheet of 5, for non-static cling maps) $3.50    
Bumper Sticker   $ 1.50    
Pod Markers   $ 12.00    
SiteLites   $ 20.00    
SiteLites with battery pack $ 30.00    
Mugs - Star Geezer (specify image number) $20.00    
Mugs - your own image (email to us) $20.00    
Star Geezer T-Shirts (specify image number and shirt size) $15.00    
T-Shirts - your own image (email to us) $15-20.00 depends on size of image    
Notecards with celestial images (package of 6) $10.00    
    7.6% sales tax (AZ)    
(Do not add sales tax unless you live in AZ) Total     

To place your order; print this form, fill it out and send it with your payment to address listed below.
( Make Checks Payable To: Chart Markers )

Chart Markers
4719 E Cecelia St.
Tucson AZ 85711

Contact Info: 520-882-5997

  Ship to:


We do not take credit cards.
For international sales, please send money order in USD.
    Canadian orders: add another $1.00 for shipping
    Other countries - please contact before ordering.

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